About Us

Rain + Conker designs, manufactures and supplies a variety of practical baby products that have great designs, are functional and are ethically produced and safe.  The ethos of Rain + Conker is not about gimmicks but rather back to basics.  This could be anything from a super absorbent bandana bib or a sling which allows you to keep your baby close while you get on with daily life!

Rain + Conker focuses on ethical production- whether this is the standards regarding textile production, the dyes used in production or the social standards within our manufacturing partners and suppliers.  Rain + Conker products are at a minimum Oeko Tex certified.  Using Oeko Tex fabrics means that they have been tested to ensure they comply with the very strictest regulations regarding harmful chemicals and dyes, meaning you can be assured our products are healthier for your baby and the environment.  

All of our newer products (e.g. our baby leggings) are now GOTS Organic Certified.  GOTS is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.  Strict criteria regarding minimum working age, fair wages and other social factors must be adhered to and we're pleased that our main manufacturing partner achieved this high standard in 2016.   My objective is sustainability and to use organic materials where possible, and if not I will always choose Oeko Tex to ensure minimum standards have been met.

Design is the most important element of Rain + Conker- our items must look great!  But they must also be well made and functional.  And finally I wanted to create and supply products which I'm proud to say are ethically produced- so while my profits could be higher through cheap production I want to support business partners who meet the highest of standards regarding safety and social standards.    That's the ethos of the brand:

Great Designs
Safe/Ethical, & Innovative

We are always interested in feedback and ideas for new designs so feel free to email me at hello@rainandconker.com or via facebook or instagram. Thank you for supporting Rain + Conker! Amanda x